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Tulsa Paint Pros provides the highest quality, and most vast range of painting services and pressure washing services available, for all homeowners in and around Tulsa, OK!

We pride ourselves on employing intensively trained, highly skilled, and perfectly reputable painters and pressure washing contractors in Tulsa who have the experience and expertise to deliver beautiful results on an enormous variety of different painting and pressure washing services. We can help with any information on: Tulsa painting, Tulsa painters and Tulsa commercial painting.

Whether your home is in need of exterior house painting, interior painting, fence painting, deck sealing, or power washing, Tulsa Paint Pros is committed to having friendly, knowledgeable professionals on staff who are ready to help and who offer the best quality results that can be found in the Tulsa OK area!

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Superior Quality Painting and Tulsa painting Service Solutions for All Homeowners in the Tulsa, OK Area!

With so many pressure washing and painting Tulsa, OK services available, Tulsa Paint Pros can be trusted to be your solution for whatever your home’s customized painting and pressure washing needs may be. Of course, no two Tulsa, OK painting services are exactly the same and so we at Tulsa Paint Pros are now proud to offer homeowners like you a free, comprehensive estimate with our local Tulsa contractors!

Contact us today to reserve your free estimate and discuss your Tulsa painting services and Tulsa power cleaning services with the attentive, dedicated contractors from Tulsa Paint Pros. During this estimate you’ll find out the costs, materials, time frames, info on Tulsa painting and warranty information specific to your home’s particular painting and power washing services in all OK and to your particular preferences.


“Amazing Service!”

“The pressure washing and painting services I received from Tulsa Paint Pros were done faster than I ever thought they could be and the final results look amazing! I fully recommend Tulsa Paint Pros whether you're from Tulsa or any other OK city. I'm completely happy with all the work!”

“Stunning Results!”

“I was blown away by the quality of work I received from Tulsa Paint Pros! They made our house look brand new really fast and paint’s appearance looks as great now as it did right after they finished! Even more gratifying than that was seeing my kids super happy with their new bedrooms too.”

“Highly Recommended!”

“For our family, Tulsa house painting was way too big of a project to tackle by ourselves. When we hired Tulsa Paint Pros to perform exterior house painting we were completely satisfied with the skill and knowledge of our painters!”

Tulsa Paint Pros Service Categories

Interior Painting

Interior painting in Tulsa can make a huge difference in the feel of your home, the comfort of those in it, and even the value of your property as a whole! Interior painting services from small touchups and accent painting all the way to full interior house painting services! If you’re looking to give your home a brand new feel without breaking the bank on multiple remodeling services then it’s time to contact us for reliable, professional, and beautiful interior painting results! The best in all OK for Tulsa painters and Tulsa commercial painting.

Exterior Painting

Homeowners around Tulsa who hire Tulsa Paint Pros to improve their property’s exterior appearance can expect to be satisfied whether they need small improvements like fence or door painting or much more elaborate Tulsa painting services like full-scale exterior house painting and deck sealing and painting. Exterior painting services are the most visible home remodeling projects possible and can completely change the look and feel of a home when done professionally. Contact us about your Tulsa exterior house painting project and Tulsa painting needs today!

Pressure Cleaning

Pressure cleaning Tulsa homes is a specialized service that, when performed by specialized pressure cleaning contractors, can give even the most time-worn and damaged parts of your home’s exterior a new life! Here at Tulsa Paint Pros, our local Tulsa pressure cleaning contractors specialize in revitalizing surfaces as varied as your sidewalk and driveway to your home’s siding, roofing, porch and fence! Contact us to freshen up the look of your house in as little as one quick session! You, your family and your home deserve the best in all Tulsa, OK.